Morrison Clock Gauge with Alarm


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The Morrison Clock Gauge Alarm utilizes the 818 style Clock Gauge with a built-in high level warning alarm. Contains a battery powered, insrinstically safe, alarm unit that is mounted remote from the gauge. Alarm is set for desired level during installation and can be re-set at any time for a change in alarm level requirements.


  • Battery powered alarm
  • Manually set alarm when you install gauge
  • Works for any size AST up to 12 feet vertical dimension
  • Fully mechanical gauge
  • 2″ NPT male or female body threads
  • Vapor tight
  • Clock face swivels 360 degrees
  • Readable from 20-30 feet away
  • Standard float fits through 2″ tank bung and 2″ schedule 40 riser pipe
  • Alarm Unit UL Listed